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The brown bear
Ursus arctos

Extractions from a sketch of the writer
N. N. Rukovsky
 «The Taiga master»

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   Information about a mode of life of the brown bears
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  Bear mark on a trunk of an arbor The adult bears carry on a single mode of life. If the beast at the age of three years will manage to find free, not occupied by other bear a field of a forest, he is settle down there and preserves it. Such field has the borders, strictly labelled with the bear, to which other bears concern yours faithfully. Meaning borders, the master of a field selects separate arbors, more often fir-tree, and superimposes on them the scent. The bear is wetted near butt and, being lifted on back paws, scratches by claws a trunk. The bear chafe about a trunk of an arbor at first by breast, then by back, withers, hind-head and even by forehead. The bear chafe by forehead about a trunk, standing by a back to an arbor and throw back a head. Thus the bear clasps by forelegs a trunk of an arbor above than head, where there are well noticeable traces of clutches.

Such "the boundary piles" can be met on wood pathways, near wood roads, on sighting devices and glades. Bear marks can be noted on abrasions and the scratchs on a bark, on shreds of the wool which has adhered on a trunk of an arbor. Quite often except for these marks the bears make also bite, pulling out from a trunk of an arbor by fangs the flinders and the clouts of a bark. Usually the bites are on such distance from ground, what the body height of the bear, rising on a back acanthusses allows.

Especially many traces are dent by the bear, questing of a forage: the ruptured anthills and niduses digger-wasps, the bent young aspens with the croped leafage, crumpled raspberry-cane, the broken off branches of a wild ash, the dug out holes field voles and chipmunks and much other traces.

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