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Russian jokes in English

It is better to struggle with laziness while lying!
Inscription on a child chamber-pot: Thanks from descendants!
It is interesting who judges whether dog's-meat becomes even more tasty?
Like your grandsons, and they will revenge on your children!
Many people managed to improve their life considerably due to medicines. For example, there are pharmaceutists.
A commander in Chinese army - to his subordinates:
- Attack in small groups, 2-3 millions people each!
The main trouble in an unmarried guy's life are husbands.
A woman is like a car - the younger the more expensive.
Horse is the only animal one can hammer nails in it.
The man was so poor, that the sparrows brought to him bread-crumbs. He was so cowardly, that the cockroaches took away these bread-crumbs from him.
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